đź’ŽChief fools crow

Nitunkasila Caga Mato Wanbli

This is a combination of video clips, words & photos for Tunkasila Caga Mato Wanbli (Grandfather/Chief Frank Fools Crow)., with all speaking and songs.., from Grandfather, himself. There is also a companion video ("Biography) for this one. Tunkasila Caga Mato Wanbli., Grandfather/Chief Frank Fools Crow is an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief, civic and SpIritual Leader., Medicine Man & Holy Man. 'Grandfather', or 'Grandpa Frank’ as he was often called, is a nephew of Grandfather Black Elk, who worked to preserve Lakota traditions, including the Sun Dance and yuwipi ceremonies. He supported Lakota sovereignty and treaty rights and was a leader of the traditional faction. during the armed standoff at “Wounded Knee”, in 1973. With writer & minister Thomas E. Mails., he produced two books about his life and work, “Fools Crow”, in 1979 and “Fools Crow: Wisdom and Power”.., in 1990.

In 1977, John Denver performed with Dean Evenson at the 88th birthday pow wow of Lakota Chief Frank Fools Crow on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Chief Fools Crow was the main Lakota chief during the Wounded Knee Occupation that occurred in 1973. The event was videotaped by Dudley Evenson on the early Sony Portapack, half-inch black and white, reel to reel tape.